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7 March 2024

Malux solutions acquires Aubox Oy

Strengthens its presence on the Finnish market

Malux solutions is proud to announce the acquisition of Aubox Oy - a reputable company that has been an influential force for over 30 years. Malux is an established operator, and this step marks the beginning of a new chapter for both Malux and Aubox with the goal of broadening the Malux portfolio to better meet the needs of both existing and future customers. Aubox will play a key role in Malux's continued growth plans, helping to deepen the company's technical expertise and market presence.

Aubox, founded by Harri Horto, has been a prominent company in the industry for over 30 years, with a strong brand identity based on quality and innovation. The company's key business idea is to offer quick action with agreed quality and flexible cooperation with the customer, and this will continue to guide Aubox's operations in the future as well. 

Malux Group CEO Anders Nygren is enthusiastic about the acquisition: “Over the years, Aubox has created a strong and respected business environment. We look forward to welcoming their competence and knowledge to the Malux family and together we will strive towards offering even more comprehensive and innovative solutions to our customers.”

Malux Finland country manager Joakim Flakholm is optimistic about the future: "We look forward to building a future together with Aubox. We are proud of the company's success and want to nurture and develop the company together. This step strengthens our goal to continuously improve our offering and creates added value for our customers and partners."

Aubox's Harri Horto is very pleased with the onboarding of Malux: " Aubox's strong growth in the recent years made me think about transferring the ownership to broader shoulders, which would also secure the continuity of Aubox's name and products. We quickly found common ground with Malux and the companies fit well together. Aubox's ownership has now a solid base and I get to focus on developing Aubox's production and operations, which I have been doing for 30 years. This work is especially close to my heart and motivates me to continue into the future.


About Aubox Oy

Aubox Oy has been a strong operator in the field of industrial automation for over 30 years, and its strong brand is based on quality and innovation. Aubox offers automation and electric cabinets.