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Gaismas ķermeņi, industriālie, ATEX

Lighting is an essential part of plant safety and comfort. A properly designed lighting is energy efficient and durable. It helps in improving the quality and boosts working processes.

We offer a variety of high-quality light fittings equipped with modern technology for all kind of industry needs. Our special know-how is light fittings for ATEX areas and light fittings for challenging environment. Our range of light fittings is suitable for petrochemical, chemical, offshore, shipbuilding, chemical and mechanical wood processing industry, as well as for power plants.

Product groups

1 Luminiscences gaismas ķermeņi
2 Prožektoru gaismas ķermeņi
3 Gāzizlādes gaismekļi
4 LED gaismas ķermeņi
5 LED pārnēsājamie gaismekļi
6 LED lineārie gaismas ķermeņi
7 Avārijas gaismas ķermeņi
8 Sightglass (procesa kontroles logu) gaismekļi
9 Kustības detektori un fotoreleji