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The Earth-Rite range of grounding systems offer the highest level of protection from electrostatic ignition hazards. All Earth-Rite systems feature electronics that continuously monitor the ground path resistance between the grounded object and a verified grounding point, operator displays with LED indicators and internal relays that can be interlocked with the liquid or powder transfer equipment.
Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 Earth-Rite FIBC Earth-Rite, verifies the resistance and safe grounding of type C Big-Bags or Super-Sacks in combusti... Datasheet ENG Technical specification
2 Earth-Rite MGV Earth-Rite, mobile ground verification system for vacuum trucks and tank trucks. Datasheet ENG Movie
3 Earth-Rite OMEGA II Earth-Rite, intrinsically safe earth bonding integrity module, Ex II 1 GD Exia II C. IP65.
4 Earth-Rite PLUS Earth-Rite, static earthing for industrial plant equipment, including railcars, drums, containers an... Datasheet ENG Technical specification
5 Earth-Rite RTR Earth-Rite, static earthing for road tankers ensures the highest possible levels of safe, positive e... Datasheet ENG Technical specification Movie
6 RTR tester & accessories Parameter test unit for use with Earth-Rite RTR tri-mode system. Datasheet ENG
7 Soul-Mate Instrument for testing footwear. Datasheet ENG
8 Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II The Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II is a unique multi-channel static earthing system that can monitor the ... Datasheet ENG