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Searching for ATEX certificate?

The ATEX-certificates are product specific and are shown only on the product lines on the Malux web-page. The certificates are stored either on Malux server (you will see this icon certiIcon) or can be found from the product line's View online link that takes you to the homepage of the manufacturer (manufacturer's logo appears).

Instructions to make the search easier:

  1. Type the ATEX-number in the SEARCH-field without spaces, for example PTB00ATEX1074 or ptb00atex1074. The search function will display the products lines that have the particular ATEX certificate. Click certiIcon.
  2. Type the name of the product in the SEARCH-field, for example GHG264 or ghg264, and get access to the product line to select the documents.
    If the ATEX-certificate icon certiIcon does not appear, click on the manufacturer's logo in the View online column.
  3. If you have the manufacturer's product number, enter it in the Search-field, but be aware that the product code must be exactly written as in the data sheet. So be careful with spaces! You will now get access to the product line to select the documents.
  4. Search for products traditionally from the product menu on the left side. The ATEX-certificate icon certiIcon is shown either on the product line or you can click on the manufacturer´s View online link.
  5. If an ATEX certificate is not found, please contact our customer service, phone +358 19 574 5700 or info [at] We'll be happy to be of service!



Summary of search engine features:

  • The search engine searches for information in the volume of the text and in PDF documents on our web site, in other words in the material located on the Malux server. The search engine cannot find information outside Malux webpage, for example on the manufacturer's website (view online).
  • The search engine is not case sensitive. Your search can be found just as well by using small and capital letters.
  • The search engine is very sensitive to spaces. Write the item numbers, number series etc. as accurately as possible.